Muuchstac Ocean Moisturizer & Sunscreen for Men

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TURMERIC & ALOE VERA BEADS: Natural Ingredients like Aloe Vera beads moisturizes your skin while Turmeric beads work as an anti-septic nutrient to provide protection against sunburns, dark spots & sun tan.

NON-STICKY & WATER RESISTANT: The Ocean Moisturizer gets quickly absorbed in your skin with a pleasant Ocean fragrance. Thanks to its non-greasy, non-sticky, water-resistant & Paraben free product.

SPF 18+ FORMULA: SPF 18 + Formula Protects for 2 Hours in the Sun, natural ingredients of the product protect skin from harmful sun rays and UV damage. The product is suitable for all skin types and parts of the body.

The Muuchstac Moisturizer & Sun Screen is recommended to be used with the Muuchstac Ocean Range of products which includes Foam Face Wash!

Description: Muuchstac Men’s Moisturizer and SunScreen cream gives a matte look and prevents sun tan and UV damage when used regularly. The Turmeric beads act as an anti-septic nutrient and provide protection against sunburn, dark spots, etc. The aloe vera beads in the cream moisturize your skin. Experience a secret nutrient that helps in skin lightening and prevents skin dryness, keeping your skin moist on regular use. SAFE for all skin types and body parts.


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Muuchstac Ocean Moisturizer & Sunscreen for Men
Rs. 549.00 Rs. 349.00
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