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Vendor: Muuchstac

Muuchstac Ocean Foam Face Wash+ Ocean Moisturizer & Sunscreen Combo

Rs. 599.00
Rs. 998.00

Muuchstac Ocean Foam Face Wash, Muuchstac Ocean Moisturizer, and Sunscreen combo includes 100 ml each of the Ocean Foam Face Wash for gentle cleansing.

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OCEAN BLUE FOAM FACE WASH: First of its kind, Blue foam face wash helps in skin brightening and nourishing by clearing dead cells, pores, and uneven skin. With an easy-to-use inbuilt brush, get clearer and healthy skin after every wash!

TURMERIC & ALOE VERA BEADS: Natural Ingredients like Aloe Vera beads moisturizes your skin while Turmeric beads work as an anti-septic nutrient to provide protection against sunburns, dark spots & sun tan

NON-STICKY & WATER RESISTANT: The Ocean Moisturizer gets quickly absorbed in your skin with a pleasant Ocean fragrance. Thanks to its non-greasy, non-sticky, water-resistant & Paraben free product.

SAFE & SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The Ocean Blue foam face wash is SAFE for Men and is suitable for all skin types. This face wash does not contain Paraben and SLS.

Description: Muuchstac Ocean Blue Foam Face wash and Muuchstac Ocean Moisturizer & Sunscreen come with the essence of Ocean, Bisabolol RAC, and Licorice extracts. Bisabolol RAC heals the effects of daily stress on the skin and slows down the aging effect on your skin. Turmeric beads act as an anti-septic nutrient and provide protection against sunburn, dark spots, etc. The aloe vera beads in the cream moisturize your skin. Experience a secret nutrient that helps in skin lightening and prevents skin dryness, keeping your skin moist on regular use.

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