• Muuchstac Men's Intimate Wash - (110 ml)
  • Muuchstac Men's Intimate Wash - (110 ml)
  • Muuchstac Men's Intimate Wash - (110 ml)

Muuchstac Men's Intimate Wash - (110 ml)

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Hurry Up!! grow your beard!!

1) Reduces Smell/Odor from your manhood

2) Reduces itching around your manhood

3) Maintains pH Balance

4) Soap-free

5) Anti-bacterial

Muuchstac Men's Intimate Wash for men is a step towards helping men’s maintain their intimate hygiene and pH balance.

Muuchstac Men’s Intimate Wash is an invitation for men to dip their nuts in delight.

Men's manhood is always in the most closed and damp area. In this moist & humid environment, the areas around your manhood become sweaty and thus develops a lot of bacteria and fungus causing itching & Odor.

What is the importance of maintaining correct pH balance around your manhood or why is it important to maintain pH balance around your manhood?

Are you gone die if you do not maintain the pH balance? The answer is No!!

Muuchstac Men’s intimate wash is specially formulated to keep the area below the belt clean and help reduce bacteria and odor without dehydrating your nuts.

Why not use soaps or body wash on your manhood?

Soaps or Body wash that a person uses normally has a high pH level, however, the ideal pH balance that any person should be maintained around their manhood should be much lower. Muuchstac Men’s intimate wash exactly does what is the need. It maintains the pH Balance of 4 around your manhood thus reducing itching and smell around your penis.

What can you lose if you do not maintain intimate hygiene?

You lose interest that the female is developing in you because you can’t stop itching your nuts/balls.


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