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Muuchstac Herbal Skin Lightening Haldi Face Wash For Men

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Muuchstac Herbal Skin Lightening Haldi-Enriched Face Wash is a specially formulated skincare product for men. Infused with the goodness of haldi (turmeric) and aloe vera extracts.

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Features of Muuchstac Herbal Skin Lightening Haldi Face Wash

HALDI ENRICHED FACE WASH: Face wash evenly generates Yellow face wash thanks to its Haldi (turmeric) extracts which help get skin lightening, lightens Hyper-pigmentation, and improves skin tone.

NOURISHED & CLEAR SKIN: Aloe Vera extracts help boost blood flow which results in clear skin, and helps make skin even. it removes dirt, and excess oil from the skin & also hydrates and softens your skin.

ANTI ACNE & DARK SPOTS TREATMENT: Niacinamide in Haldi enriched foam face wash helps dark spots removal. Licorice extracts fight Acne & Pimple and also helps remove dull layers of skin.

SAFE & EASY TO USE:  The herbal skin-lightening Haldi enriched foam face wash comes with an inbuilt brush for easy and quick use. it is SAFE for Men and is suitable for all skin types. This face wash does not contain Paraben and SLS.

Muuchstac Herbal Skin Lightening Haldi Enriched Foam Face wash is recommended to use with Muuchstac Herbal Skin Lightening product range enriched with Haldi & Aloe Vera which includes oil, scrub & serum!

Description: Muuchstac Herbal Skin Lightening Foam Facewash has smooth foaming infused with Haldi (Turmeric) and Aloe Vera considered one of the best skin-lightening & improvement ingredients in traditional culture. With an inbuilt silicone brush, it is child’s play to have a perfect face wash in minutes making your skin oil-free, and dust-free and removing other impurities accumulated on your skin. Moreover, it is an herbal product and has NO SLS, NO Paraben!