Muuchstac Cherish Beard Wash

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Muuchstac Wash For a Perfect Beard

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Why choose Muuchstac Cherish Beard Wash

  • Muuchstac Cherish Beard Wash is a one its Kind beard wash for men. It is Sulphate Free & Paraben Free Wash.
  • Beard has been in ancient Indian culture and that culture is returning. But the beard is like a baby and it requires care and nourishment.
  • Normal shampoos and soaps take away oils from the beard and cause dryness and itchiness and thus people shave off.
  • Muuchstac Cherish Beard Wash is a Beard shampoo enriched with organic oils like tea tree oil, rosemary oil, etc. to nourish the beard and thus leaving beard soft and smooth after the wash. It is the Best Beard Conditioner.
  • It is Sulfate-free and a product for all type of skins who have the beard.
  • Regular use of Muuchstac Cherish Beard Wash helps to avoid beard hair-fall, beard splits and beardruff.
  • 1) Beard Softener & Cleanser
  • 2) Enriches the beard with Oils instead on making it dry and itchy
  • 3) Sulfate and Paraben Free
  • 4) Avoid beard hair-fall, beard splits, and beardruff
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Muuchstac Cherish Beard Wash
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 199.00
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