Grooming – Why to groom yourself in 2019?
Grooming – Why to groom yourself in 2019?

Since the day you joined the corporate set up, you must have heard the term grooming a little close to a million times. It’s the buzz word in corporate and professional circles. In spite of overflowing guidance on how to groom, we often underestimate its criticality. But just how important is grooming? And how does it impact our professional life? Read ahead to find out.

Grooming is non-negotiable

Grooming is not just important, it is essential. Yes, you may be a diamond from within, but world perceives you as carbon if that is the image you project. Carbon and diamond are basically the same, but what’s the difference? Everyone likes diamond because carbon decided to present itself beautifully whilst assuming the form of a gem.

As the old adage goes, first impression is the best impression. Life, especially professional life, does not give you the opportunity to highlight the diamond within you, at least not before people have formed an opinion based on how you appear. Appearances are deceptive, but this implies that most judgements are based on appearances. What’s the fix? Grooming!

Success is the destination

You are judged based on how you present and carry yourself and not on your natural looks. Whether it is noticing if your hair is well set or beard is trimmed, shirt is well tucked or colours of your attire are pleasing, every major and minute aspect of your exterior personality is noticed. When people notice that you care about yourself, they get confidence that you are capable of caring about their needs too.

These people are your clients, your bosses and subordinates at work, your vendors, basically, everyone you will encounter in your professional space. A well-groomed man impresses one and all. You make an impact not only as a professional, but also in your personal life, even on your loved ones. And what do you obtain in return? Success, in every facet of life, professional and personal.

The beard factor

A neat and shiny clean shave is good grooming, no doubt about it. But, since you can grow a beard, and you have sufficient means to maintain one with reasonably priced trimmers and quality beard oil (read Muuchstac Beard Growth Oil), why not sport one? A man’s beard is akin to a lion’s mane. When you add a dash of design to your face, your grooming quotient witnesses a sudden upsurge - it can give you the makeover you were looking for and transform your personality. It makes you more than just a complete professional!

Pathway to a happy you

Grooming is definitely crucial from the perspective of how others perceive you. However, the most important aspect of grooming – it makes you confident and happier and feel much better about yourself. You take pains to take care about people and things that matter to you, those that you value. No matter how selfless you are, you love yourself first. Take grooming seriously, go that extra mile to ensure good grooming and you will automatically see a better version of yourself, stretching to aspects that are apparently unconnected with your appearance. So, go on, groom well, become happier and love yourself even more! 

- Karthik N. Mathur (the bearded professional)